PRC Resolution No. 2017-1034

2017 Revised Guidelines on the conduct of Special Professional Licensure Examinations for Overseas Filipino Workers

PRC Resolution No. 2016-03

Revised Guidelines in Implementing Section 7 (J), (L) and Section 16 of republic Act No.8981, Otherwise known as the "PRC Modernization Act of 2000", and the Pertinent Provisions of the Professional Regulatory Laws(PRLs), The General Agreement on Trade-In-Services(GATS), and other International Agreements on the Practice of Foreign Professionals in the Philippines

PRC Resolution No. 2016-998

Establishing Service Centers For Delivery Of Services Outside Of Professional Regulation Commission Premises

PRC Resolution No. 2016-997

Repealing PRC Resolution No.2013-737 To Rationalize And Expedite the Selection and Recommendation of Members to the Professional Regulatory Boards


PRC Resolution No. 2016-995

Repealing Resolution No.2004-253 and Modifying For The Purpose The Current Form For The Petition to Revert to the Use of Maiden Name

PRC Resolution No. 2016-994

Allowing the Issuance of a Certification to a Former Filipino National Who No Longer Practices in the Philippines Without Requiring Him or Her to Update Payment of His or Her Annual Registration Fees

PRC Resolution No. 2016-993

Postponement of the August 2016 Schedule of the Board Licensure Examination For Nutritionists-Dietitians (Blend)

PRC Resolution No. 2016-990

Amendments to the Revised Guidelines on the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program For All Registered And Licensed Professionals

PRC Resolution No. 2016-992

Cancelling and nullifying the results of the September 2015 Mechanical Engineering Licensure Examinations Held in Jeddah, K.S.A

PRC Resolution No. 2016-991

Postponement of the conduct of the July 2016 Board Licensure Examination for Social Workers (BLESW)

PRC Resolution No. 2016-988

Allowing the conduct of the Licensure Examination for the teachers in Hong Kong through the Special Professional Licensure Board Examinations Program Pursuant to section (7) D of Republic Act No. 8981

PRC Resolution No. 2016-987

Criteria for the Recognition of the Most Outstanding Professional Regulatory Board

PRC Resolution No. 2016-980

Establishing the timetable of activities for the conduct of the Special Professional Licensure Board Examinations (SPLBEs) for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in the Middle East for 2016.

PRC Resolution No. 2016-979

Adoption of the Peer Review and Item Analysis Calendar for the Year 2016

PRC Resolution No. 2016-971(A)

Declaring that the Society of Medical Physicists in the Republic of the Philippines, Inc. is not within the jurisdiction of the Professional Regulation Commission.

PRC Resolution No. 2015-953

Rescheduling of the May 8, 9, 15 and 16, 2016 Board Licensure Examination for Certified Public Accountants, amending for the purpose of PRC Resolution No. 948 Series of 2015, on the Schedule of Licensure Examinations for year 2016

PRC Resolution No. 2015-885


Requiring school, colleges and universities to submit a certified and notarized list of graduates and digitized copies

PRC Resolution No. 2015-906


Waiver of the requirement of the Special Temporary Permit (STP) Fee of Php 1,250.00 for every Foreign Professionals participating in the Humanitarian Mission under the Visiting Forces Agreement

PRC Resolution No. 2015-938


Granting of New Rates of Daily Allowance in the Conduct of Regular Licensure Examination for Various Professions in the Central and Regional Offices

PRC Resolution No. 2015-939


Granting of New Rates of Daily Allowance in the Conduct of Licensure Examination for Board for Professional Teachers (BLEPT) and Nurses Licensure Examination (NLE) for Central and Regional Offices of PRC

PRC Resolution No. 2015-940


Granting of New Special Rates of Daily Allowances to Examination Personnel who assist in the conduct of Special Professional Licensure Board Examination (SPLBE) abroad

PRC Resolution No. 2015-941

Issuance of Certificate of Accreditation to the Psychological Association of the Philippines, Inc. (PAP) as the Bonafide Accredited Professional Organization for Psychologists and Psychometricians

PRC Resolution No. 2015-961


Adoption of a Master Schedule of target dates of activities for year 2016 Licensure Examinations

PRC Resolution No. 2014-841

Adopting the Official Medallion, Trinket and Sash for the Eric C. Nubla Excellence Awardee of the Year

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