Board of Dentistry

Definition of Practice of Dentistry

A person shall be regarded as engaged in the practice of dentistry or rendering dental service, within the meaning and intent of this Act, who shall, for a fee, salary, compensation, or any form of reward, paid to him or through another, or even without such compensation or reward, perform any operation or part of an operation, upon the human mouth, jaws, teeth, and surrounding tissues; prescribe drugs or medicines for the treatment of oral diseases and lesions; or correct malpositions of the teeth: Provided, however, That this provision shall not apply to artisans or technicians engaged in the mechanical construction of artificial dentures or fixtures and other oral devices, as long as none of such procedures is done inside the mouth of the patient; nor shall this provision apply to students of dentistry undergoing practical training in a legally constituted dental school or college under the direction or supervision of a member of the faculty who is duly licensed to practice dentistry in the Philippines; or to registered dental hygienists serving as dentists’ assistants who may be allowed to perform oral prophylaxis and such other procedures which the law regulating the practice of dental hygienists may permit.

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