Board of Electrical Engineering

Practice of Electrical Engineering

A person is deemed to be in the practice of electrical engineering when he renders or offers to render professional electrical engineering service in the form of:

  1. Consultation, investigation, valuation and management of services requiring electrical engineering knowledge;
  2. Design and preparation of plans, specifications and estimates for electric powers systems, power plans, power distribution system including power transformers, transmissions lines and network protection, switchgear, building wiring, electrical machines, equipment and others;
  3. Supervision of erection, installation, testing and commissioning of power plans, substation, transmission lines, industrial plans and others;
  4. Supervisions of operation and maintenance of electrical equipment in powers plants, industrial plants, watercrafts, electric locomotives and others;
  5. Supervisions on the manufacture and repair of electrical equipment including switchboards, transformers, generators, motors, apparatus and others;
  6. Teaching of electrical engineering professional subject; and
  7. Taking charge of the sale and distribution of electrical equipment and systems requiring engineering calculations or applications of engineering data.

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