Board for Foresters

General practice of Board for Foresters

  1. Any person who offers to perform or who performs for another whether for profit or not, any of the following services shall be deemed to be practicing the forestry profession, to wit: the scientific conservation and management of forests for the continuous and judicious utilization of forests and forest products; including services in the form of forestry consultation, investigation, planning, preparation, and implementation of management plans for forest and national park areas and the determination of the suitability of public forest land for pasture or agricultural land; logging, forest reconnaissance and timber estimate; scaling and grading of logs and lumber; identification of woods and other forestry products; administration, management and supervision of forest plantation and tree farm leases within public forests; protection and conservation of game and wildlife; preparation and implementation of reforestation and afforestation plans; supervision of any forestry activity requiring the application of forestry principles; and such other activities as related to forest protection, silviculture, and maintenance or restoration of necessary ecological balance. Persons who have had at least three years practical experience in the field or who have completed at least two years of the Forestry Course may be employed to perform the foregoing services under the supervision of a forester who shall be responsible for the satisfactory completion of their work.
  2. The term “forester” as used in this Act is a natural person duly registered with the Board of Examiners1 as a forester who (1) is duly qualified and exempt from taking the board examination; or (2) who passed the Forestry Board Examination.

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