Board of Aeronautical Engineering

Meaning of Practice of Aeronautical Engineering

The practice of aeronautical engineering shall constitute in holding out oneself as skilled in the knowledge, science, and practice of aeronautical engineering, and as qualified to render professional services as an aeronautical engineer; or offering or rendering, or both, on a fee basis or otherwise, services such as planning, designing, analyzing, constructing, assembling, installing, altering or maintaining of aircraft structures, power plants or accessories through scientific or accepted engineering practice, or the teaching of the same in any university, college, institute, or school of learning duly recognized by the Government of the Philippines.

An aeronautical engineer shall be considered such in the practice of his profession, if the nature and character of his employment whether as an officer or employee in a private enterprise or educational institution involves decision- making requiring professional knowledge in the science of aeronautical engineering, and such employment or position requires that the holder thereof must be an aeronautical engineer; or if he holds or is appointed to a position in the aeronautical engineering occupational group in the government or in government-owned or controlled corporations, including those performing proprietor functions, where a civil service eligibility as an aeronautical engineer is a prerequisite.

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