Board of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Practice defined

As used in this Act, the Practice of agricultural and biosystems engineering shall refer to the profession requiring the application of the fundamental and known principles of engineering to the peculiar condition and requirements of agriculture as an industry and as a field of science, and shall include, but not limited to, the following:

1. Consultation, valuation, investigation and management services on agricultural and biosystems engineering;
2. Management or supervision and the preparation of engineering designs, plans, specifications, project studies and estimates for agricultural and biosystems , aquaculture and fishery, and forest product machinery, agricultural and biosystems buildings and structures, farm electrification and energy systems, agricultural and biosystems processing equipment, irrigation and soils conservation systems and facilities, agricultural and biosystems waste utilization systems and facilities;
3. Conducting research and development, training and extension work, and consultancy services on agricultural and biosystems engineering facilities/services, system and technologies;
4. Testing, evaluation and inspection of agricultural and biosystems, fishery and forest product machinery and other related agricultural and biosystems engineering facilities and equipment.
5. Management, manufacturing and/or marketing of agricultural and biosystems machinery and other related agricultural and biosystems engineering facilities and equipment;
6. Teaching, agricultural and biosystems engineering subjects in institution of learning in the Philippines;
7. Employment with the government provided such item or position requires the knowledge and expertise of an agricultural and biosystems engineer.

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