Board of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

“The Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Law”

The practice of naval architecture and marine engineering within the meaning and intent of this Act shall embrace services in the form of plans, specifications, estimates, or supervision of the construction, alteration, or structural survey of any floating vessel or equipment, self-propelled or otherwise; plans or layouts, specifications, estimates or supervision of the installation of marine power plants and associated equipment including screw propeller, paddle wheel and Voith- Schneider propeller, or any other means of transmitting power from the main propulsion engine(s) to the buoyant fluid, marine auxiliaries, including refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation, and heating plants and equipment and hull machineries; management, maintenance or operation of any shipyard, graving dock marine slipways, and any facility for the salvage, repair or maintenance of floating vessels or equipments. The enumeration of any work in this section shall not be construed as excluding any other work requiring naval architecture and marine engineering knowledge and application.

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