Board of Nutrition and Dietetics

Qualification for the Licensure Examination

In order to be admitted to the examinations for nutritionist-dietitians, an applicant must, at the time of filing his or her application, establish to the satisfaction of the Board that:

  1. He or she is a citizen of the Philippines;
  2. He or she is at least twenty one years of age, in good health and is of good moral character;
  3. He or she had finished a standard academic high school course or its equivalent in a school, college or university legally established and duly recognized by the government;
  4. He or she is a holder of a bachelor's degree conferred by a reputable and legally constituted school, college or university with nutrition, dietetics or community nutrition as a major study;
  5. He or she has completed the required practical training as may be prescribed by the Board; Provided, That within three years after approval of this decree, graduates of Nutrition and Dietetics who have undergone dietetic internship may be admitted to the Board.

Educational Qualification / Training / Experience:
  • B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics
  • B.S. in Food and Nutrition Certificate of completion of practical training in
    • Public Health Nutrition - 250 hrs.
    • Food Service - 150 hrs.
    • Hospital Dietetics - 200 hrs. (FTB)

Scope of Examination

The examinations for the practice of nutrition and dietetics in the Philippines shall consist of written tests which shall cover such subjects as the Board may prescribe.

Ratings in the Examinations

To pass the examinations, a candidate must obtain an average of seventy percent, with no rating below fifty percent in any subject: Provided, That an applicant who fails to obtain a passing average but who obtained at least seventy percent in each of at least one-half of the total subjects given in the examinations, may be permitted to take within one (1) year from the date of his examination, another examination, on the subjects in which he obtained a grade below seventy percent. Should the examinee fail in the set of subjects repeated in the second examinations, he shall be required to take all the subjects in the next examinations.

Exempt from Registration

Registration shall not be required of nutritionist-dietitians, from other countries called in for consultations: Provided, That a certificate of exemption shall be secured from the Board in advance.

Requirement for Hospitals and Nutrition Agencies
  1. Hospitals - All hospitals whether government or private with twenty five (25) to seventy five (75) bed capacity shall employ a minimum of one nutritionist-dietitian, above seventy five (75) to one hundred fifty (150) bed capacity, a minimum of two nutritionist-dietitians, above one hundred fifty (150) to two hundred fifty (250) bed capacity, a maximum of three nutritionist-dietitians, above two hundred fifty (250) bed capacity to five hundred (500) bed capacity, a minimum of four nutritionist-dietitians and above five hundred (500) to one thousand (1,000) bed capacity, a minimum of five nutritionist-dietitians: Provided, That no person shall be employed as nutritionistdietitian in any hospital without having been registered in accordance with the provisions of this Decree. The provisions of this section shall be complied with within one year form the date of effectivity of this Decree.
  2. Nutrition Agencies - All these agencies whether government or private shall employ registered nutritionist- dietitians. There shall be required at least one (1) nutritionist-dietitian for each province, city, municipality and rural health units.

Foreign Reciprocity

No foreigner shall be admitted to examinations, or be given a certificate or registration or be entitled to any of the rights and privileges under this Act, unless the country or state of which he is a subject or a citizen permits Filipino nutritionist-dietitians to practice within its territorial limit on the same basis as the subjects or citizens of said country or state: Provided, however, That number of foreigners allowed to practice in the Philippines shall not exceed the number of Filipinos practising in their respective countries.

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