Board of Pharmacy

Definition of Practice of Pharmacy

A person shall be deemed to be practicing pharmacy within the meaning of this Article, who shall, for a fee, salary, percentage or other reward paid or given directly to himself or indirectly through another (1) prepare or manufacture, analyze, assay, preserve, store, distribute or sell any medicine, drug, chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, devices or contrivances used in pursuance thereof; or (2) render pharmaceutical service in any office or drug and cosmetic establishment where scientific, technological or professional knowledge of Pharmacy is applied; or (3) engage in teaching scientific, technological or professional pharmacy subject in a college of pharmacy; or (4) conduct or undertake scientific pharmaceutical research for biological and bacteriological testings and examinations.

However, persons performing executive, managerial or administrative functions and their subordinate personnel employed in the pharmaceutical laboratories referred to in the second paragraph of Section 27 thereof, shall not be considered for purposes of this definition, persons in the practice of pharmacy.

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