Board of Veterinary Medicine

Practice defined

A person who is authorized to practice veterinary medicine and surgery shall append or cause to be appended to his name the letters D.V.M. (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine), V.M.D. (Veterinary Medical Doctor), D.V.S. (Doctor of Veterinary of Science), the words “Veterinarian, ”Veterinary Surgeon, “Veterinary Dentist,” or “Veterinary” any other initial or title implying qualification to practice, offer or render, for a fee or otherwise, services such as:

  1. the examination and/or diagnosis, treatment, operation of, or the prescribing and dispensing of any remedy for, any injury to or diseases, ailment or deformity of animals;
  2. attesting for official or commercial purpose to the health of any terrestrial, aquatic, domestic or non-domestic animals;
  3. rendering veterinary technical services which indirectly affect the health and welfare of human beings and animals;
  4. attesting to the fitness for human consumption of animal products and by-products;
  5. holding of any job or position in a public or private entity which requires knowledge of or skill in veterinary medicine; or
  6. teaching or lecturing of veterinary clinical subjects in the curriculum of the degree in veterinary medicine.

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