Legal and Other Regulatory Services

Whenever the Professional Regulation Commission receives a complaint under oath, the commission is empowered by law to initiate an investigation of any person, whether a private individual or professional, local or foreign, for any of the following:

  • Practice of the regulated profession without being authorized by law or without being registered with and licensed by the concerned regulatory board and issued the corresponding license or temporary/special permit.
  • Committing any of the prohibited acts provided in the regulatory laws of the various professions.

Formal complaints that are submitted undergo four stages:

  1. Docketing and Calendar - this starts from the date of filing of the complaint to when the notice of pre-trial is sent to the parties.
  2. Pre-trial and Depositions – covers the pre-trial, depositions, and other practices designed to dispense with, or limit time for the reception of evidence
  3. Reception of Evidence – evidence for both the complainant and for the respondent are presented as well as the rebuttal evidence.
  4. Decision-making – discussions and vote on the case and the preparation and signing of the decision.

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