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Guidelines on the Provision of PRC Services During General Community Quarantine

Following the opening and the resumption of the frontline services of some of the offices of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) under the General Community Quarantine, the public is informed that, in the provision of its frontline services, precautionary health measures will be enforced and minimum health standards as prescribed by the Department of Health (DOH) shall be implemented.

The public is advised that the following guidelines shall be followed in all PRC offices:

  • For appointment purposes, the applicants are advised to register online for the following online services through the PRC website at or or
    • Application for Licensure Examination
    • Application for Renewal of Professional Identification Card (PICs)
    • Request for Duplicate PICs
    • Initial Registration for New Passers
    • Certification of Passing/Rating
  • Payment of fee for the abovementioned transactions shall be accommodated only through the PRC payment channels: PayMaya, Landbank (Linkbiz), UCPB (Over the Counter).
  • All confirmed online appointments(appointments with payments) from March 17, 2020 until the lifting of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ)shall be accommodated on a weekly basis by the concerned PRC Office (appointment place). The new schedule will be posted at the PRC website and social media accounts. (For further reference, please see appointment matrix at
  • The new appointment schedules shall however be subject to change upon notice of ECQ reimposition or upon enforcement of new guidelines as may be imposed by the national/local governmentrelative to the management of COVID-19 pandemic.
  • All applicants with unconfirmed online appointments (appointments without payment and not yet cancelled by clients) shall no longer be required to get their new appointments.They can proceed with their payments through the chosen PRC payment channels and proceed to their place of appointment in accordance with the prescribed new appointment schedule.
    • Note: Applicant cannot pay to other payment channel other than the one previously chosen unless they opt to cancel their appointment and get a new appointment schedule.
  • Notwithstanding the prescribed new appointment schedule, those previously confirmedappointments but are still affected by ECQ/GCQ travel or border restrictions shall be accommodated once restrictions are lifted or relaxed. No new appointments shall be required and applicants, once available, can directly proceed to their place of appointment.
  • For those professionals with confirmed appointments but who are currently serving as  frontliners or volunteers, their transactions may be entertained in batches through the duly authorized representative of their hospitals or institutions where they are connected subject to the presentation of an Authorization Letter (if representative is PRC licensed) or Special Power of Attorney (if representative is non-PRC licensed), duly signed by concerned applicants.
  • Appropriate Queueing system will be implemented by concerned PRC Offices. Applicants are advised to contact the concerned PRC office for further concern and queries. For the list of email addresses, please see PRC Office directory at https:
  • For the following walk-in transactions, the applicants availing the services shall be required todirectly proceed to the concerned Regional Office (RO):
    • Application for Registration without Examination
    • Request for Certificate of Good Standing (COGS)
    • Stateboard verification
    • Issuance of Certificate of Registration (COR)
    • Authentication of PICs and CORs
    • Certification and Verification of Status of Registration of Professionals
    • Issuance of Certificate of Passing and Rating (for year 1998 and down)
    • Issuance of Official Report of Rating
    • Authentication of Certificate of Passing and Rating, PIC, Board Rating, COGS
    • Petition for Change of Name/Status, Correction of Data/Entry
    • Issuance of Special Temporary Permit and Temporary Training Permit
    • Request for Certification of Exemption from Qualification Assessment
    • Request for Certification of Ineligibility
    • Verification for Hawaii DOH
    • Applications under ASEAN MRAs
    • Application for CPD Accreditation, CPD Program and Providers
    • Application the Accreditation of Professional Organizations
    • Request for School Performance Certificate
  • Payment of fees for walk-in transactions shall be accommodated through the PRC Cashiers.



  • Applicants are required to observe the prescribed PRC COVID-19 precautions posted at the PRC Website and Social Media Accounts (link: Further instructions and precautionary health measures may however be required by the concerned ROs in addition to the aforementioned. Those who fail to follow will not be allowed entry or shall be accompanied out of the PRC premises once inside.
  • PRC will be strictly implementing a NO FACEMASK, NO ENTRY policy. Only persons with official business shall be allowed entry.
  • No accompanying person shall be allowed. Those with conditions requiring assistance shall be assisted by one companion, or by the PRC security personnel subject to the wearing of appropriate or complete Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Loitering around the PRC premises other than the place of transaction is strictly prohibited. Applicants must immediately leave the PRC building once they have completed their transactions.
  • Those who are 60 years old and above, with compromised immune system, assessed as having a high-risk pregnancy, and others considered by the DOH to be vulnerable are advised not to proceed with their transactions to PRC.
  • The applicants are encouraged to place their documents in a plastic envelope and sanitize the same prior to submission.  When submitting their documents, applicants must place or drop all their documents on the counter, or at the plastic tray or drop box as may be provided to minimize contact and risk of exposure to infection.

Due to the implemented precautionary measures particularly on physical/social distancing, it is expected that the number of applicants allowed to transact at a time will be limited. Thus, PRC appeals for the public’s patience, for any expected delays that they may experience in the processing of their transactions.

While PRC strives to fulfill its commitment to public service under this new normal, it is the priority of the PRC to protect the health and safety of its personnel, and its clients.The understanding of all is earnestly sought.


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